A New Day

Hi there,

During my college years as a Mechanical Engineering student, I never imagined life would bring me to a miraculous place one day.

Switching to music-making instead of engineering, I started a journey to explore the variety of meanings in life through experiences, emotions, and challenges. And today, I am also a film director and a writer since music was not enough to express my findings regarding the nature of our existence.

Do you think a philosophical approach to life through artistic experiments would be tedious? On the contrary, it is an extraordinary and profound adventure.

Since we were born, we have been under mental attacks, including ethics, religion, ideologies, science, fashion, social values, understanding of love, and many more. Only a few of us are aware that we can—and must—make our own way to freedom, which will bring us the happiness we have always longed for.

So, if you want to join me in my playful and emotional pursuit of the true nature of our beings through art, you can subscribe to my website to discover my previous and upcoming works.