Photo Credit: Sertan Öksüz

UNEN (a.k.a. Nezih Ünen) is an international award-winning multidisciplinary artist, working as a music composer, film director, and writer. After earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, he started his career as a composer distinguished by synthesizing ethnic music with modern styles. Later he expanded his works by filmmaking and writing, mostly in quest of the true nature of our being.

Remaking Martin is his first published novel, completed in four years. He currently has a number of books in progress, as well as several screenplays. In 2019, Unen moved to the United States from Istanbul, Turkey, where he created his previous works, such as the award-winning cult musical-documentary Lost Songs of Anatolia.

To know Unen better, you can download FREE SAMPLES from his works as an author, a film director, and a music composer:

  • FREE SAMPLE 1- A sci-fi story, Unforgettable Lover.
  • FREE SAMPLE 2- An excerpt from his international award-winning musical documentary Lost Songs of Anatolia.
  • FREE SAMPLE 3- A medley from his album, which is not currently live, Shadow On The Planet.

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