Lost Songs Of Anatolia

A musical journey among exotic places and people of Anatolia–the unique host of many ancient civilizations, empires, mythologies, and glory of 10 millennia. The international award-winning musical documentary film is produced and directed by Unen.

Produced from 350 hours of footage recorded over 2 years and 8 years of creative studies, Lost Songs of Anatolia is the first experimental film of its kind. The cultural riches of Anatolia, sung in authentic performances, were spontaneously recorded live on location. And then, with the modern arrangements made, an incomparable musical is formed.

While this journey shows how music and culture are derived from life, geography, and work, an exploration of Anatolia’s versatile cultures takes place based on music, dance, and rituals. The staggering environment surrounding these people and influencing their lifestyles contribute to the poetic flow of the film.

You can watch Lost Songs of Anatolia on Amazon Prime or iTunes.



A feature film about love and disappointment, written, produced, and directed by Unen.