During his music career in Turkey, Unen worked on the following projects:

– Producing albums, including top celebrities.

– Performing in his international award-winning solo album Karnaval.

– Composing music for films, commercials, and Radio/TV station IDs, including an Oscar-nominated feature film Mustang, a global brand Pepsi, and leading TV and radio stations of the country.

– Starring in his own TV show.

And his most famous work of all has been the international award-winning project Lost Songs of Anatolia, which is based on three fields:

  • Cinema
  • Music
  • Live Performance

The album contains performances of authentic singers and musicians of Anatolia, the cradle of civilization, later arranged as modern songs by Unen.


Album Productions:

Unen’s Solo Album:

Unen Starring In His Own TV Show

Lost Songs of Anatolia – Soundtrack