Remaking Martin

When a genius scientist, Professor Martin Finch, becomes a subject of a futuristic genetic procedure, he embarks on a thrilling adventure as well as a life-changing journey into his inner world.

In order to keep his family together and his $2 billion energy project moving forward, Martin must sacrifice his life—or rather, his body!

As the story accelerates in a mysterious genetics institute, Martin crosses paths with a celebrity Hollywood actress, a French fashion designer, and an ex-FBI agent. Meanwhile, he confronts some tough questions that challenge our accepted notions of existence, like:

– How can we stay alive even after we die?

– Are we in the same body every day?

– Why don’t we need our survival instincts anymore?

– What is more righteous than doing the right thing?

– Why might we be living in a dream yet afraid to wake up?

And he’ll have to find the answers the hard way… all while trying to hold onto the love of his life.